Organic Spray Tan

Vita Liberata Organic Spray Tan

  • Full body

  • Half body

  • Top-Up

    *Top up tans must be applied no more than 48hrs after the initial spray.


Sinéad’s top tips to be tan-tastic this summer:


  • shower well and exfoliate the skin prior to tan
  • ensure your shower gel is not a moisturising shower gel as it inhibits how the tan develops
  • leave your skin free from body moisturiser, cosmetics, perfumes and deodorant as they can react with the tan
  • all waxing or shaving must be carried out 2-3 days before tanning treatment
  • wear dark loose clothing – no tight jeans or leggings
  • wear flip flops

Check out our Vita Liberata Organic Spray Tan and keep your skin looking younger for longer.