Waxperts Wonder Pads


Exfoliates, Conditions, Soothes
Use daily to maintain smooth, soft skin Use 24 hours after waxing or shaving Treats upper arm bumps, spots, shaving rashes, and lots more

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Why do clients need Waxperts Wonder Pads?

  • Firstly, every waxing client NEEDS a tub of these at home. This little pot of wonder will not only help maintain the smooth results of your clients wax. They will also ensure that ingrown hairs and blocked pores are prevented, so that your client gets a super smooth Waxperts Wax each and every time.
  • The key to success with Waxperts Wonder Pads is daily use. And if an ingrown hair does appear, the pads can be used twice daily until its appearance is reduced. (Ingrown hairs mainly appear from friction, tight clothing, not exfoliating, bad waxing technique, using strip wax on areas that require hot wax, no ingrown hair prevention).
  • Remember it is always best to PREVENT ingrown hairs rather than wait for them to appear and then try to treat them. Prevention is key.
  • Non-waxing clients can also benefit from using Waxperts Wonder Pads.Shaving: Perfect for use for men to prevent of treat shaving rash.
    Upper arm bumps/Keratosis Pilaris: Especially perfect for any Brides-To-Be. Use in conjunction with Waxperts Beautiful Body Oil to get really fabulous results. Use the pads daily to get smooth, blemish free skin. Apply pads at night to the area. Beautiful Body Oil in the morning on the area.Breakouts: Rub over any breakout/spot on the face or body. The salicylic acid will exfoliate the spot, rosemary will soothe it and the panthenol will condition, leaving the spot greatly reduced or even gone within 24hours. Brilliant for teenage skin.


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