Waxperts Beautiful Body Oil


Lavender based Lightweight No oily residue
Can be applied directly after waxing or shaving.

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  • Clients love the Waxperts oils throughout their wax treatment, so finally we can now allow them to use a moisturising body oil straight after waxing or shaving that will not irritate their skin.
  • It keeps their skin soft in between waxes, making leg waxing especially less painful, as their is no build up of excess dead, dry skin cells.
  • Clients going on holiday should definitely have a bottle. Not only is it great to use as after-sun for it’s hydrating and soothing properties, it also soothes and treats any insect bites with the Lavender essential oil. Plus it’s 100ml, which is perfect to carry in hand luggage.
  • Used on exfoliating gloves, it is perfect combination to break down stubborn tan and leave skin soft and tan-free.
  • This product is not only for your waxing clients, everyone should have a bottle for moisturising purposes. Because it is so lightweight, easy to apply, quickly to absorb and leaves no residue, it makes skin look hydrated and leaves a lovely sheen. Perfect for applying to legs before a night out to get those perfect pin up pins.
  • Ultimately, it is up to the client to maintain the results of their fabulous Waxperts Wax. This includes exfoliating and moisturising regularly. So why should they not use Waxperts Beautiful Body Oil to do that.


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