Prep and Prime Festive Set


This set contains:

X1 Pre Cleansing Oil
X1 Skin EssentiA Clay Masque
Receive complimentary Hydrating Oil Capsules (10)
Celebrate your skin this Christmas with the Limited Edition Environ Multi-Tasking Prime and Perfect Gift Set.

Pre Cleanse oil cleanses the skin without drying it out. With water it gently emulsifies and lifts off impurities, spf, make up and excess oil or sebum from the skin’s surface. Pre-cleanse oil leaves the skin feeling supple, moisturised and not stripped.

Clay mask is a multi use mask that can absorb oil on the skin and the ingredient Kaolin clay micro-exfoliates leaving a gently polished look to the skin helping it look more radiant and refreshed. This Masque can be used a few different ways, as a gentle exfoliator, a hydrating masque or an overnight product.

Hydrating Oil Capsules contain a high vitamin content along with a blend of antioxidants and retinol to give various results to the skin such as softening the skin topically, re-energising a dull tired skin and protecting it against daily pollutants and free radicals making it less likely to be susceptible to early signs of aging.

Kit is worth €89 but you only pay €69